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Wild Things Book
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Wild Things Book

A loving, funny queer romantic comedy that explores what occurs when a group of friends have the guts to leave up their dull city apartments in favor of a house in the country. “Gay but with real Emily Henry vibes.” Happy, humorous, seductive, and passionate—a victory!—Kate Sawyer, The Stranding’s award-winning author

Not to mention, British enough to enchant even the segment of Americans that curl up with The Great British Bake Off on a Sunday afternoon. Buoyant, delightful, delectably wistful, and quietly earnest. —The New York Times’ Casey McQuiston

“A charming romance featuring a beautiful queer found family, do-it-yourself home repairs, and a backyard hen.” —Herring, Ashley Blake, the critically acclaimed writer of Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail.

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