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Suyash Chavan Book

Suyash Chavan Book

UPSC Success Series: What I Wish I Had Known is a comprehensive self-study manual designed specifically for aspirants preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination. In its approximately 450 pages, this book aims to provide the guidance that aspirants would typically receive after spending a significant amount of money on classes, interacting with experienced candidates, and watching numerous UPSC-related videos.

UPSC Success Series: What I Wish I Had Known

Unlike other study materials, this book goes beyond simply listing recommended sources for study. It delves into the effective techniques for reading and extracting information from these sources, thereby serving as a practical guide for navigating the vast digital UPSC world. To enhance the learning experience, the book incorporates QR codes and links that connect to valuable online documents, websites, and videos, which may be unfamiliar to new aspirants. This integration of online resources ensures that readers have access to up-to-date and relevant information.

The book takes the form of a conversation between three characters: Raju, Farhaan, and Raancho, who are all planning to enter the civil services. Through their discussions, the author captures the dilemmas and challenges that aspirants commonly face. This conversational format makes the content relatable, enjoyable, and easy to understand. Furthermore, the book includes perspectives from successful candidates who have previously cracked the UPSC exam. It provides links to relevant guidance videos, adding another dimension to the learning experience.

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