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Treasure Trove Book
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Treasure Trove Book

Treasure Trove Book: A collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories has been prescribed for Classes IX and X ICSE Examination Year 2019 onwards. The Poetry Section contains ten poems with a brief description of the great poets who have written them. Some of them are Sarojini Naidu, Roald Dahl, William Wordsworth, Maya Angelou and Robert Browning.

The Short Stories Section have ten short stories with a brief description of their writers such as Ernest Hemingway, R.K. Narayan, Ruskin Bond, and Hans Christian Anderson.

Treasure Trove Short Stories includes the following: Short Biography of the Writers, The theme of stories, Short summaries, character sketches, words to impress examiners, long essay -type questions with answers and comprehension passages with answers.

This book is a collection of ten short stories, suitable for all children. From suspenseful stories that keep you on the edge of your seat to thrilling and funny ones that will leave you in the splits. Enjoy this eclectic mix of stories and have a fun-filled time!

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