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King of Wrath by Ana Huang
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King of Wrath by Ana Huang

King of Wrath Book is a sultry romance about a rich arranged marriage. It contains profanity and explicit content. Only mature readers are advised to read this. This sensual and seductive romance, written by the best-selling author of the Twisted series, follows a millionaire CEO who is forced into an arranged marriage by blackmail.

This book is a sexy arranged marriage billionaire romance. It contains graphic content and profanity. Recommended for mature readers only. From the bestselling author of the Twisted series comes a scandalous, hot romance in which blackmail forces a billionaire CEO into an arranged marriage.

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King of Wrath by Ana Huang – Summary

The narrative centers on Vivian, a woman who anticipated being free for an additional year or two. Even though Vivian is an independent, modern woman, she is afraid that by turning down the arranged marriage that she knows is inevitable, she would sour her connection with her parents.

However, she had no idea that Dante, a man whose reputation precedes him, would be her new fiancé. He quickly clarifies that both their one-year engagement and the ensuing loveless marriage are merely business deals. Vivian moves in with Dante to maintain appearances, and it’s there that she meets her fiancé.

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