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King of Greed Book
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King of Greed Book

King of Greed by Anu Huang is a steamy marriage in trouble/second chance romance. It’s book three in the Kings of Sin series but can be read as a standalone In this book, Ana Huang talks about A brand-new steamy billionaire romance from the bestselling author of the Twisted series.

King of Greed – Plot Summary

The main character of “King of Greed” is Luke, a very driven person who will do whatever it takes to realize his aspirations of success, fortune, and power. Luke’s development from a promising young guy into a crafty and unrelenting force of nature is expertly portrayed by Ana Huang. Readers are compelled to consider their own moral limits when confronted with such ambition as they follow Luke’s journey.

Huang has a captivating and vivid writing style. The story is well-paced and organized, progressively revealing Luke’s character facets and the effects of his choices. The novel excels in character development, allowing readers to observe Luke’s moral compass gradually eroding and the effects it has on everyone around him.

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