Haryana Stilt Plus 4 Floors Construction Official Notification PDF

Check out the official notification of S+4 floors construction in Haryana in DDJAY and other residential sectors and colonies, download the official notification PDF

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Haryana Stilt Plus 4 Floors Construction Official Notification

Haryana Stilt Plus 4 Floors Construction Official Notification

Haryana Government has allowed the construction of stilt + 4 floors on residential plots in Haryana, the official notification of the S+4 construction can be downloaded from below.

Haryana Stilt Plus 4 Floors Construction – Official Notification

Here is the overview of the notification.

The notification outlines the approval of Stilt + 4 floors (S+4) construction on residential plots in Haryana. It includes specific directions and conditions for allowing such constructions based on the layout plans and density of the residential plots. Key points include:

  1. General Approval: S+4 floors are permitted in colonies where layout plans are approved with a density of 18 persons per plot. This includes DDJAY colonies.
  2. Conditional Approval for Lower Density: S+4 floors are allowed in colonies with a density of 13.5 persons per plot, provided the plot has access from a road 10 meters or wider and meets specific conditions regarding mutual consent or side setbacks.
  3. Purchasable Development Rights (PDR): Rates for PDR have been increased for plots larger than 250 sqm, with different rates based on the zone potential.
  4. Refund Provisions: Guidelines for refunds are provided for plots with in-built PDR rates, including conditions for opting out of S+4 construction and refund calculations.
  5. Infrastructure Augmentation: Funds collected from PDR will be used for infrastructure development in respective areas, with specific instructions for fund transfer and usage.
  6. Restrictions and Compliance: Directions on the construction of common walls, basements, and restrictions on enclosing stilt areas are provided. Unauthorized constructions must apply for regularization under specific conditions.
  7. Grievance Redressal and Enforcement: Establishment of S+4 Portals for handling building plan approvals, grievances, and enforcement of rules.

Stilt Plus 4 construction on plots under DDJAY

The approval of Stilt + 4 floors (S+4) construction within the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) colonies has also been given as per the notification. It states that the construction of S+4 floors will be permitted for all residential plots in DDJAY colonies where the layout plan is approved and the service plan is either approved or revised, provided the density is 18 persons per plot.

This directive aims to facilitate higher density residential development in DDJAY colonies, ensuring that these areas can accommodate more residents while maintaining structured urban planning and service provision. Additionally, concerned departments are instructed to continuously update the list of sectors and licensed colonies with approved service plans on their websites to keep the public informed.

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