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Haj Committee of India 2024 Selection List
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Haj Committee of India 2024 Selection List

The Government of India (Go!) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) sign the Haj Agreement every year, in which the number of Haj seats allocated to India is·incorporated. Out of the total quota allocated to the Government of India (Gol), 80% will be allocated to the HCol and the remaining 20% will be allocated to NGOs.

The Haj Application Forms (HAFs) can be obtained from the 1 State/Union Territory Haj Committee free of cost or can be downloaded from the website of the Haj Committee of India at hajcommittee.gov.in or through the Android Mobile App “HAJ j COMMITTEE OF INDIA” available on play store.

Eligibility Criteria for HAJ

  • Persons not in possession of machine-readable, valid Indian international passports as per HCoI guidelines
  • Ban on Repeaters: A person who has performed Haj earlier in his life through HCoI except for permitted categories of Mehrams and those accompanying a 70+ pilgrim on the basis of an appropriate solemn declaration and undertaking.
  • Any person found to have furnished false information shall not be allowed to proceed for Haj. In such cases, he/ she will be disqualified at any stage and de-boarded even at the embarkation point. The entire amount deposited by him/her shall also be forfeited. Besides, he / she may be prosecuted for making an incorrect/ false declaration. These restrictions will also apply for concealing the fact of having performed Haj earlier as well as for Haj-e-Badal pilgrims.
  • Those with severe medical conditions such as terminal cancers, advanced cardiac, respiratory, liver, or kidney diseases; infectious tuberculosis disease, or senility.
  • Ladies not accompanied by Sharia Mehram, except ladies covered at Sr.No.5. (0 Ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy: In the case of pregnant women in the advanced stages of pregnancy, international flying standards will be followed.
  • Any person against whom a court order prohibiting travel abroad exists.
  • Consent of parents / legal guardian is mandatory for undertaking Haj by any applicant below the age of 18 years

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