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Gunotsav OMR Sheets
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2024 Gunotsav OMR Sheets

Download the OMR Sheets of Assam Gunotsav from class 1st to 9th in PDF format.

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Download All OMR sheets PDF from class 1 to 9 at once using the download link below.

Schedule of Gunotsav 2024

Check out the complete schedule of Gunotsav 2024 using this link.

Gunotsav: Enhancing School Education Quality

Gunotsav, initiated by the state government of Assam, aims to improve the quality of school education by evaluating four core areas: Scholastic, Co-scholastic, Infrastructure, and Community Participation. Schools receive grades (A+, A, B, C, D) based on their performance, with a focus on learning outcomes, co-scholastic activities, infrastructure, and community involvement.

Evaluation Criteria and Grading

The evaluation criteria include Scholastic (90%), Co-scholastic, Infrastructure, and Community Participation (5% each). Grades obtained help identify learning gaps, enabling the implementation of remedial measures to achieve grade-specific learning outcomes for all children.

Gunotsav 2024: Phases and Evaluation Process

Gunotsav 2024, the fifth round, is scheduled for January and February 2024 in three phases. The evaluation involves both Self Evaluation and External Evaluation. Schools undergo a two-day evaluation (Day-1: Self Evaluation, Day-2: External Evaluation), while the state undergoes a four-day evaluation (Day-1: Self Evaluation, Day-2 to Day-4: External Evaluation).

Inclusivity and Technology Integration

The evaluation covers Government/Provincialised/Tea Garden Model Schools/Tea Garden Managed Schools/ Adarsha Vidyalayas/ KGBVs/ Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Avasiya Vidyalayas. Every district is covered in three phases, distributing schools over three days for external evaluation. A 100% school evaluation is ensured.

Stakeholders and Evaluation Mechanism

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Minister, Hon’ble MPs, Hon’ble MLAs, Chief Secretary to the GOA, Senior IAS, IPS, and IFS officers, along with other class I & II officers, serve as External Evaluators. The evaluation employs a robust mechanism, including OMR-based evaluation, reshuffling of teachers within clusters through randomization software, and a portal for External Evaluators to submit School Evaluation and confidential reports.

Download 2024 Gunotsav OMR Sheets PDF

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