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Bajaj Spare Parts Catalogue
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Bajaj Spare Parts Catalogue

Bajaj Genuine Parts are the only original parts available for Bajaj motorcycles. These parts are specifically engineered for optimal performance and hassle-free experience out of your motorcycle. These parts go through stringent quality checks to conform to Bajaj Standards. The Bajaj spares are subjected to stringent quality control standards to ensure the longer life of the vehicle. It is therefore necessary that only Genuine Bajaj Spares are used.

At Bajaj Auto, endeavor to make spare parts available at all locations. Bajaj Genuine Parts are distributed through a vast network – of more than 700 dealers, 3000 authorized service dealers, 100 spare part distributors, and 1000 priority retailers across the country. To serve our customers’ growing needs we are constantly increasing our reach and upgrading our network capabilities.

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