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You Have Reached Sam Book

You Have Reached Sam Book

You’ve Reached Sam by  Dustin Thao is a story about a high school girl named Julie grappling with the recent death of her boyfriend Sam. One day, after a week of Sam’s death, Julie decides to call Sam to try and hear his voice for one last time. And to her surprise, he actually picks up. For some reason, Julie and Sam have this special connection even after death, but both Sam and Julie are aware that their time together is running out, and the phone calls won’t last forever.

It was one of those wonderful books that does magical realism so right? It uses the fantastical only to enhance the real feelings of grief and moving on, and it was so sweet. The story is about a young high school girl named Julie, who is struggling to grieve and move on from the death of her long-term boyfriend, Sam.

You Have Reached Sam Book Summary

Grief is complicated and sometimes we get stuck in the past. But letting go isn’t about forgetting who we’ve lost. “It’s balancing moving forward with life, and looking back from time to time, remembering the people in it.”

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