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Yojana Magazine 2024

Yojana Magazine 2024

Yojana Magazine is a monthly publication available in Hindi, English, and numerous other regional Indian languages. The magazine delivers a balanced image by offering a variety of viewpoints and opinions on each given topic. The journal is also available for reading in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu.

It is the most significant source of official information, there is a greater likelihood that inquiries will be made. Yojana magazine teaches readers how to provide constructive criticism and how to approach any situation with moderation.

Yojana Magazine Important for UPSC

  1. Yojana Magazine online covers important socio-economic issues.
  2. Since the yojana magazine is published by the Government of India, the authenticity of the facts cant go wrong, and it can help the aspirants very well in the Mains exam where the candidates can quote the government’s perspective on different policies and schemes.
  3. Covers many topics including current affairs important for Essay and GS papers in UPSC Mains
  4. Reading the Yojana magazine also helps in the UPSC personality test/interview
  5. It contains credible information as it comes from the government itself – hence, can be safely used in the UPSC exam
  6. It generally gives both sides of the coin, i.e., both the pros and cons of an issue
  7. Topics covered include polity, governance, schemes, agriculture, economy, international relations, federalism, budget, banking, etc.
  8. Recommended by most IAS toppers

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