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When She Loves Book
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When She Loves Book

From the author of When She Unravels, comes a new arranged marriage, standalone dark mafia romance.

The most brutal don in the city has a weakness: me.

I never wanted the life my parents tried to force on me, so I vowed I’d never marry a mobster.
Yet here I am, walking down the aisle toward mobster of the century, all to save my sister.

Rafaele Messero. Cold, ruthless, and irritatingly handsome.
Not that I’ve noticed.
After all, this marriage is the end of all my hopes and dreams.
And for him, it’s nothing more than a calculated business move.

At least that’s what I think, until he snaps at the priest to hurry up so that he can kiss me.
He’s known as the ice prince, but when his lips crash down on mine, all I feel is searing heat.
That’s when I know I’m in serious trouble.

My plan was to keep my distance from Rafaele, but he’s not interested in that.
He’s interested in me.

Now that I know what he craves, I vow to never give it to him.
I will never submit to my husband, no matter how relentlessly he tries to conquer me.

When She Loves is an arranged marriage mafia romance, with no cheating and an HEA. It can be read as a complete standalone.

About the Author: Gabrielle Sands is a romance author who writes sexy, smart, dangerous romance. Her heroes are powerful mafiosos and her heroines always keep these alpha men on their toes. Gabrielle loves to travel and often writes her favorite destinations into her books.

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