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Verbs Forms List

1000+ Verbs Forms List

Verbs have traditionally been defined as words that show action or state of being. Verbs can also sometimes be recognized by their position in a sentence. For example, the suffixes -ify, -ize, -ate, or -en usually signify that a word is a verb, as in typifying, characterize, irrigate, and sweeten.

There are three forms of verbs present, past, and future. Definitions and examples of transitive, intransitive, and auxiliary verbs are given.

Verbs Forms V1 V2 V3

Base Form (V1) Past Form(V2) Past Participle Form(V3)
abash abashed abashed
abate abated abated
abide abode abode
absorb absorbed absorbed
accept accepted accepted
accompany accompanied accompanied
ache ached ached
achieve achieved achieved
acquire acquired acquired
act acted acted
add added added
address addressed addressed
adjust adjusted adjusted
admire admired admired
admit admitted admitted
advise advised advised
afford afforded afforded
agree agreed agreed
alight alit alit
allow allowed allowed
animate animated animated
announce announced announced
answer answered answered
apologize apologized apologized
appear appeared appeared
applaud applauded applauded
apply applied applied
approach approached approached
approve approved approved
argue argued argued
arise arose arisen
arrange arranged arranged
arrest arrested arrested
ask asked asked
assert asserted asserted
assort assorted assorted
astonish astonished astonished
attack attacked attacked
attend attended attended
attract attracted attracted
audit audited audited
avoid avoided avoided
awake awoke awoken
bang banged banged
banish banished banished
bash bashed bashed
bat batted batted
be (am,are) was / were been
bear bore born
bear bore borne
beat beat beaten
beautify beautified beautified
become became become
befall befell befallen
beg begged begged
begin began begun
behave behaved behaved
behold beheld beheld
believe believed believed
belong belonged belonged
bend bent bent
bereave bereft bereft
beseech besought besought
bet bet bet
betray betrayed betrayed
bid bade bidden
bid bid bid
bind bound bound
bite bit bitten
bleed bled bled
bless blessed blessed
blossom blossomed blossomed
blow blew blown
blur blurred blurred
blush blushed blushed
board boarded boarded
boast boasted boasted
boil boiled boiled
bow bowed bowed
box boxed boxed
bray brayed brayed
break broke broken
breathe breathed breathed
breed bred bred
bring brought brought
broadcast broadcast broadcast
brush brushed brushed
build built built
burn burnt burnt
burst burst burst
bury buried buried
bust bust bust
buy bought bought
buzz buzzed buzzed
calculate calculated calculated
call called called
canvass canvassed canvassed
capture captured captured
caress caressed caressed
carry carried carried

A to Z (1300 +) Verb Forms with Hindi Meaning List

Main Form (V1) Hindi Meaning 2nd form (V2) 3rd form (V3)
Abash लज्जित करना Abashed Abashed
Abate रोक-थाम करना Abated Abated
Abide रहना, टिकना Abode Abode
Absorb सोख लेना Absorbed Absorbed
Accept स्वीकार करना Accepted Accepted
Ache पीड़ा होना Ached Ached
Achieve हासिल करना Achieved Achieved
Acquire प्राप्त करना Acquired Acquired
Act अभिनय करना Acted Acted
Activate सक्रीय होना Activated Activated
Actuate उकसाना Actuated Actuated
Add जोड़ना Added Added
Address संबोधित करना Addressed Addressed
Adjust संबोधित करना Adjusted Adjusted
Admire प्रशंसा करना Admired Admired
Admit भर्ती होना, करना Admitted Admitted
Advise सलाह देना Advised Advised
Affect प्रभाव डालना Affected Affected
Afford बर्दास्त करना Afforded Afforded
Agree सहमत होना Agreed Agreed
Aim लक्ष होना, इरादा रखना Aimed Aimed
Alert चेतावनी देना Alerted Alerted
Alight प्रदीप्त करना Alighted Alighted
Allow अनुमति देना Allowed Allowed
Amuse मन बहलाना Amused Amused
Analyze विश्लेषण करना analyzed analyzed
Animate उत्तेजित, चेतन करना Animated Animated
Announce घोषणा करना Announced Announced
Annoy सताना, गुस्सा दिलाना Annoyed Annoyed
Answer उत्तर देना Answered Answered
Apologize क्षमा मांगना Apologized Apologized
Appear दिखना, प्रकट होना Appeared Appeared
Applaud सराहना Applauded Applauded
Apply लागू करना Applied Applied
Appreciate सरहना करना Appreciated Appreciated
Approach निकट आना, प्रस्ताव करना Approached Approached
Approve मंजूर करना Approved Approved
Argue बहस करना Argued Argued
Arise उठना Arose Arisen
Arrange व्यवस्था करना Arranged Arranged
Arrest गिरफ्तार करना Arrested Arrested
Ask पूछना Asked Asked
Assemble इक्कठा करना Assembled Assembled
Assert दावा करना, जोर देना Asserted Asserted
Assort छांटना Assorted Assorted
Assume मानना, ग्राह्य धरना Assumed Assumed
Astonish चकित करना Astonished Astonished
Attach सलग्न करना Attached Attached
Attack आक्रमण करना Attacked Attacked
Attain हासिल, प्राप्त करना Attained Attained
Attempt प्रयास, प्रयत्न करना Attempted Attempted
Attend किसी समारोह में भाग लेना Attended Attended
Attract आकर्षित करना Attracted Attracted
Audit लेखा-जोखा करना Audited Audited
Avoid किसी को टालना, नजरअंदाज Avoided Avoided
Awake जागना, चौकन्ना Awoke Awoken
Award पुरष्कार, बक्षिस देना Awarded Awarded
Back पीछे हटना Backed Backed
Backbite चुगली करना Backbit Backbitten
Bake सेंकना Baked Baked
Balance संतुलन बनाना Balanced Balanced
Ban प्रतिबन्ध, रोक लगाना Banned Banned
Bang गरजना Banged Banged
Banish निर्वासित करना Banished Banished
Bare नग्न करना Bared Bared
Bark भौकना Barked Barked
Bash जोरसे मारना, घुमाकर मारना Bashed Bashed
Bat बल्लेबाजी करना Batted Batted
Bathe स्नान करना Bathed Bathed
Battle युद्ध करना, संघर्ष Battled Battled
Be होना Was Been
Beam प्रकाश डालना Beamed Beamed
Bear सहना, सहन करना Bore Borne
Beat हराना Beat Beaten
Beautify सुशोभित करना Beautified Beautified
Become होना Became Become
Befall घटित होना, बीतना Befell Befallen
Beg भीख में मांगना Begged Begged
Beget पैदा करना, प्रजनन करना Begot Begotten
Begin प्रारंभ, शुरू करना Began Begun
Behave बर्ताव करना Behaved Behaved
Behold ध्यान से देखना, निहारना Beheld Beheld
Believe मानना Believed Believed
Belong का निवासी होना, संबध रखना Belonged Belonged
Bend झुकना Bent Bent
Benefit लाभ होना Benefitted Benefitted
Bereave वंचित करना Bereaved Bereaved
Beseech प्रार्थना करना Besought Besought
Bestow प्रदान करना Bestowed Bestowed
Bet शर्त लगाना Bet Bet
Betray प्रकट करना Betrayed Betrayed
Bias पक्षपात करना Biased Biased
Bid बोली लगाना Bade Bidden
Bind बांधना, जकड़ना Bound Bound
Bite कांटना Bit Bitten
Bleed खून बहना Bled Bled
Bless आशीर्वाद देना Blessed Blessed
Blind अंधा, धुंधला कर देना Blinded Blinded
Blink पलक झपकना Blinked Blinked
Block बंद कर देना Blocked Blocked
Blossom खिलना Blossomed Blossomed
Blot धब्बा, दाग लगाना Blotted Blotted
Blow उडाना, आघात करना Blew Blown
Blur धुंधला कर देना Blurred Blurred
Blush शरमाना Blushed Blushed
Board चढ़ना Boarded Boarded
Boast बढ़-बढ़कर बातें करना Boasted Boasted
Boil उबालना Boiled Boiled
Boost तेज करना, बढ़ावा Boosted Boosted
Bore उबा देना, दुखी करना Bored Bored
Borrow उधार लेना Borrowed Borrowed
Bounce उछालना Bounced Bounced
Brace संभालना Braced Braced
Brake रोकना Braked Braked
Branch विभाजित होना Branched Branched
Bray मसलना, चूर करना Brayed Brayed
Break तोड़ना Broke Broken
Breathe साँस लेना Breathed Breathed
Breed नस्ल बढाना, पालन-पोषण करना Bred Bred
Brew शराब बनाना Brewed Brewed
Brief सक्षिप्त करना Briefed Briefed
Bring लाना Brought Brought
Broadcast प्रसारित करना Broadcast Broadcast
Broaden व्यापक बनाना, विसृत बनाना Broadened Broadened
Browbeat धमकाना Browbeat Browbeat
Bruise चोट लगाना Bruised Bruised
Brush ब्रश करना, दांत सांफ करना Brushed Brushed
Build निर्माण करना Built Built
Burn जलाना Burnt Burnt
Burst फटना, फोड़ना Burst Burst
Bury दफनाना, गाढ़ देना Buried Buried
Bust छापा मारना Bust Bust
Buy खरीदना Bought Bought
Buzz गुंजन करना, भनभनाना Buzzed Buzzed
Calculate हिसाब लगाना,अनुमान लगाना Calculated Calculated
Calibrate मापना Calibrated Calibrated
Call पुकारना, बुलाना Called Called
Canvass जांचना/परखना ,वोट/चंदा  माँगना Canvassed Canvassed
Capture पकड़ना Captured Captured
Care चिंता करना, देखभाल करना Cared Cared
Caress हाथ फेरना, लाड़ करना Caressed Caressed
Carry ले जाना Carried Carried
Carve काटना Carved Carved
Cash नक़द चुनाना Cashed Cashed
Cast ढालना,पछाड़ना Cast Cast
Catch पकड़ना, झेलना Caught Caught
Cause कारण होना, कारण बनना Caused Caused
Cease रोकना/समाप्त करना Ceased Ceased
Celebrate मनाना/उत्सव मनाना Celebrated Celebrated
Chain जकड देना Chained Chained
Challenge चुनौती देना Challenged Challenged
Change बदलना Changed Changed
Charge दाम लगाना Charged Charged
Chase पीछा करना Chased Chased
Chat गपशप करना Chatted Chatted
Cheat ठगना, फ़साना Cheated Cheated
Check जाँचना Checked Checked
Cheer उत्साहित करना,साहस बढ़ाना Cheered Cheered
Chew चबाना Chewed Chewed
Chide डांटना Chid Chidden
Chill ठंडा होना, लगना Chilled Chilled
Chip तोड़ना Chipped Chipped
Choke गला घोंटना, दम घोंटना Choked Choked
Choose चुनना Chose Chosen
Chop तुकडे करना Chopped Chopped
Circulate फैलाना, चारो-और भेजना Circulated Circulated
Claim दावा करना Claimed Claimed
Clap ताली बजाना Clapped Clapped
Classify वर्गीकरण करना Classified Classified
Clean सांफ करना Cleaned Cleaned
Clear निर्मल करना Cleared Cleared
Cleave फोड़ना Clove Cloven
Click उंगली से टपटपाना, क्लिक करना Clicked Clicked
Climb चढना Climbed Climbed
Cling लिपटना,चिपटना,बांधे रखना Clung Clung
Close बंद करना Closed Closed
Clothe उढ़ाना, ढकना Clad Clad
Club इक्कठा हो जाना, जोड़कर रखना Clubbed Clubbed
Clue संकेत देना Clued Clued
Clutch क्लच, पकड़ Clutched Clutched
Coach गुण सीखना, ट्रेन करना Coached Coached
Coil लपेटना Coiled Coiled
Collapse ढहना, भहरना Collapsed Collapsed
Collect इकट्ठा करना, जमा करना Collected Collected
Color रंगना,रंग देना Colored Colored
Comb कंघी करना Combed Combed
Come आना Came Come
Comment टिपण्णी करना Commented Commented
Commission नियुक्त करना Commissioned Commissioned
Commit वादा करना Committed Committed
Communicate संपर्क करना Communicated Communicated
Compare तुलना करना Compared Compared
Compel दबाव डालना, मजबूर करना Compelled Compelled
Compete मुक़ाबला करना, प्रतियोगिता करना Competed Competed
Complain शिकायत करना Complained Complained
Complete समाप्त करना Completed Completed
Conceive कल्पना करना Conceived Conceived
Concentrate ध्यान देना Concentrated Concentrated
Concern दिलचस्पी लेना Concerned Concerned
Conclude निष्कर्ष निकालना Concluded Concluded
Conduct आचरण करना,नेतृत्व करना Conducted Conducted
Confess मानना, कबुल करना Confessed Confessed
Confine सिमित करना, प्रतिबंधित करना Confined Confined
Confiscate ज़ब्त करना Confiscated Confiscated
Confuse उलझना, भ्रमित होना Confused Confused
Congratulate बधाई देना Congratulated Congratulated
Connect जोड़ना,मिलाना Connected Connected
Connote जताना,भाव बतलाना, Connoted Connoted
Conquer जितना Conquered Conquered
Consecrate ज्ञान देना Consecrated Consecrated
Consent सहमती देना Consented Consented
Conserve सुरक्षित करना Conserved Conserved
Consider विचार करना Considered Considered
Consign सुपुर्द करना, भेजना Consigned Consigned
Consist बना होना, अनुकूल होना Consisted Consisted
Console दिलासा देना Consoled Consoled
Consort बातचीत करना Consorted Consorted
Conspire मिल जाना Conspired Conspired
Constitute गठित करना Constituted Constituted
Constrain विवश करना, मजबूर करना Constrained Constrained
Construct निर्माण करना Constructed Constructed
Construe टीका करना Construed Construed
Consult परामर्श करना, सलाह लेना Consulted Consulted
Consume उपभोग करना, काम में लाना Consumed Consumed
Contain समाविष्ट करना Contained Contained
Contemn नफ़रत करना, घिनाना Contemned Contemned
Contend संघर्ष करना Contended Contended
Contest प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेना Contested Contested
Continue जारी रहना Continued Continued
Contract ठेका लेना Contracted Contracted
Contradict खंडन करना Contradicted Contradicted
Contrast विषमता दिखाना Contrasted Contrasted
Contribute योगदान करना Contributed Contributed
Contrive उपाय निकालना, योजना करना Contrived Contrived
Control नियंत्रण करना,काबू पाना Controlled Controlled
Convene बुलाना, आमन्त्रित करना Convened Convened
Converge मिलना Converged Converged
Converse बातचीत करना Conversed Conversed
Convert रूपांतरित करना Converted Converted
Convey पहुंचाना Conveyed Conveyed
Convict अपराधी घोषित करना Convicted Convicted
Convince मनवाना,मनाना Convinced Convinced
Coo कूजना, धीमी आवाज में कहना Cooed Cooed
Cook भोजन बनाना, पकाना Cooked Cooked
Cool ठंडा करना Cooled Cooled
Co-operate सहयोग देना Co-operated Co-operated
Cope डटकर मुकाबला करना, लड़ना Coped Coped
Copy नक़ल करना Copied Copied
Correct सही करना,दुरुस्त करना Corrected Corrected
Correspond मेल खाना, समान होना Corresponded Corresponded
Corrode खुरचना Corroded Corroded
Corrupt भ्रष्ट होना,दूषित करना Corrupted Corrupted
Cost किसी मूल्य का होना Cost Cost
Cough खांसना Coughed Coughed
Counsel सलाह देना Counselled Counselled
Count गिनती गिनना Counted Counted
Course कोर्स करना, पार करना Coursed Coursed
Cover ढंकना, छुपाना Covered Covered
Cower झुकना या पीछे हटना Cowered Cowered
Crack टूटना,तड़कना Cracked Cracked
Crackle चिड़चिड़ाना, भड़कना Crackled Crackled
Cram ठूसना Crammed Crammed
Crash टकराना, धमाका करना Crashed Crashed
Crave लालसा/अभिलाषा करना Craved Craved
Crawl खुशामद करना/घिसटना Crawled Crawled
Create तैयार करना,रचना करना Created Created
Creep रेंगना Crept Crept
Cremate दाह संस्कार करना(जलाना) Cremated Cremated
Crib पालना Cribbed Cribbed
Cripple लंगड़ा के चलना Crippled Crippled
Cross पार करना Crossed Crossed
Crossbreed संकरण करना Crossbred Crossbred
Crowd भीड़ करना Crowded Crowded
Crush पीसना, मसलना Crushed Crushed
Cry रोना Cried Cried
Cultivate उगाना, विकसित करना Cultivated Cultivated
Curb नियंत्रण करना Curbed Curbed
Cure उपचार करना, इलाजकरना Cured Cured
Curl लपेटना Curled Curled
Curve मोड़ना,  मुड़ना Curved Curved
Cut काटना, कटौती करना Cut Cut
Cycle घूमना, चक्कर लगाना Cycled Cycled
Damage हानि करना, क्षति पहुंचाना Damaged Damaged
Damp भिगाना, गीला करना Damped Damped
Dance नृत्य करना Danced Danced
Dare साहस करना, हिम्मत करना Dared Dared
Dash भागना, ढकेलना Dashed Dashed

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