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Under-19 World Cup Winners List
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Under-19 World Cup Winners List

The International Cricket Council (ICC) organized the Under-19 Cricket World Cup. It was first held in Australia in 1988 as the Youth World Cup with eight teams.

The Indian cricket team is the most successful in the Under-19 World Cup winners list, with five titles to its name.

Under-19 World Cup Winners List from 1988 to 2024

Year Winner Runners-up Host
1988 Australia Pakistan Australia
1998 England New Zealand South Africa
2000 India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2002 Australia South Africa New Zealand
2004 Pakistan West Indies Bangladesh
2006 Pakistan India Sri Lanka
2008 India South Africa Malaysia
2010 Australia Pakistan New Zealand
2012 India Australia Australia
2014 South Africa Pakistan UAE
2016 West Indies India Bangladesh
2018 India Australia New Zealand
2020 Bangladesh India South Africa
2022 India England West Indies
2024 Australia India South Africa

Most World Cup Wins by Country in Cricket

Country No. of Under-19 World Cups Winning Years
India 5 2000, 2008, 2012, 2018, 2022
Australia 4 1988, 2002, 2010, 2024
Pakistan 2 2004, 2006
Bangladesh 1 2020
South Africa 1 2014
West Indies 1 2016
England 1 1998

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