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Udyam Registration NIC Code List
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Udyam Registration NIC Code List

NIC code or National Industrial Classification is a classification system used to track activities undertaken by a business. NIC code is used by the majority of the Government Departments in India to classify businesses. This code has been developed with an intent to ascertain and analyse as to how each economic activity is contributing towards national wealth.

The NIC code system is periodically updated to reflect changes in economic activities and trends. Businesses and organizations in India often need to specify their NIC code when registering with government agencies or filing various statutory documents.

NIC Code List for Udyam Registration

Sections as per NIC code Industries
A Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
B Mining and quarrying
C Manufacturing
D Electricity, gas, steam and air condition supply
E Water supply, sewerage, waste management
F Construction
G Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
H Transport and storage
I Accommodation and food service activities
J Information and communication
K Financial and insurance activities
L Real estate activities
M Professional, scientific and technical activities
N Administrative and support service activities
O Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
P Education
Q Human health and social work activities
R Arts, entertainment and recreation
S Other service activities
T Activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods and services-producing activities of households for own use
U Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies

NIC Code List for Services

NIC Code Industry Description
62010 Computer programming, consultancy, and related activities
62020 Computer facilities management activities
62030 Other information technology and computer service activities
62040 Data processing activities
62090 Other information technology service activities
63110 Data processing, hosting, and related activities
63120 Web portals
63910 News agency activities
63990 Other information service activities n.e.c.
64110 Central banking
64191 Banks
64192 Building societies
64201 Activities of holding companies
64202 Activities of investment trusts
64203 Activities of venture and development capital companies
64301 Activities of property unit trusts
64302 Activities of real estate investment trusts
64303 Activities of mortgage finance companies
64304 Activities of financial leasing companies
64305 Activities of factoring companies
64306 Activities of pawnshops
64910 Financial leasing
64921 Credit granting by non-deposit-taking finance houses and other credit granting
64922 Activities of mortgage finance companies and other loan companies
64923 Other credit granting
64929 Other credit granting
64991 Security dealing on own account
64992 Portfolio management
64993 Administration of financial markets
64994 Fund management activities
64995 Activities of investment trusts
64996 Security and commodity contracts brokerage
64999 Financial intermediation n.e.c.
65110 Life insurance
65120 Non-life insurance
65201 Reinsurance
65202 Activities of insurance agents and brokers
65300 Pension funding
66110 Administration of financial markets
66120 Security dealing on own account
66190 Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation n.e.c.
66210 Risk and damage evaluation
66220 Activities of insurance agents and brokers
66290 Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
66300 Fund management activities
68100 Buying and selling of own real estate
68201 Renting and operating of Housing Association real estate
68202 Letting and operating of conference and exhibition centers
68209 Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate n.e.c.
68310 Real estate agencies
68320 Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
69100 Legal activities
69201 Accounting and auditing activities
69202 Bookkeeping activities
70100 Activities of head offices
70200 Management consultancy activities
71100 Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
71200 Technical testing and analysis
72100 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering (NSE)
72200 Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities (SSH)
72900 Other professional, scientific, and technical activities n.e.c.
73100 Advertising activities
73200 Market research and public opinion polling
74100 Specialized design activities
74200 Photographic activities
74901 Environmental consultancy activities
74902 Quantity surveying activities
74909 Other professional, scientific, and technical activities n.e.c.
75000 Veterinary activities
77110 Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles
77120 Rental and leasing of trucks and other heavy vehicles
77210 Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods
77220 Renting of video tapes and disks
77291 Renting and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment
77299 Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
77310 Renting and leasing of office machinery and equipment
77320 Renting and leasing of water transport equipment
77330 Renting and leasing of air transport equipment
77341 Renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
77342 Renting and leasing of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment
77390 Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment, and tangible goods n.e.c.
77400 Leasing of intellectual property and similar products
78101 Motion picture, television, and other theatrical casting
78109 Activities of employment placement agencies (other than motion picture, television, and other theatrical casting)
78200 Temporary employment agency activities
78300 Other human resources provision
79110 Travel agency activities
79120 Tour operator activities
79900 Other reservation service and related activities
80100 Private security activities
80200 Security systems service activities
80300 Investigation activities
81100 Combined facilities support activities
81210 General cleaning of buildings
81220 Other building and industrial cleaning activities
81291 Disinfecting and exterminating services
81299 Other cleaning services
81300 Landscape care and maintenance service activities
82110 Combined office administrative service activities
82190 Photocopying, document preparation, and other specialized office support activities
82200 Activities of call centers
82300 Organization of conventions and trade shows
82911 Activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus
82912 Packaging activities
82920 Activities of credit reporting agencies
82990 Other business support service activities n.e.c.
84110 General public administration activities
84120 Regulation

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