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Tirukkural Tamil
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Tirukkural Tamil

The name “tirukkural” comes from the word “holy couplets,” which refers to a work written in Tamil poetry’s “venba” rhythm and consists of two lines of seven words each. There are 1330 couplets in all, with 10 couplets in each of the 133 chapters.

The work is divided into three books: Aram (Virtue), Porul (Wealth), and Inbam (Love). Each couplet, or kuṟal, is a concise and profound expression of ethical and moral principles, guiding how to lead a righteous and fulfilling life. The Tirukkural has had a significant impact not only in Tamil culture but also in the broader sphere of world literature, celebrated for its universal wisdom and timeless relevance.

Thiruvalluvar’s Tirukkural covers a wide range of topics, including righteousness, duty, wealth, love, and governance. The succinct and poetic verses emphasize ethical values and practical wisdom, making it a timeless guide for individuals seeking a path of virtue. With its enduring appeal, the Tirukkural continues to inspire people around the world, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries, and remains a revered literary and philosophical treasure in the rich tapestry of human heritage.

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