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The Secret Book
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The Secret Book

The book portrays that the secret is mainly about the law of attraction but it also highlights gratitude and visualization. The primary technique of ask, believe and receive is explained further by stating some facts from some of the Secret’s practitioners. It is based on the belief of the pseudoscientific law of attraction, which claims that thought alone can influence objective circumstances within ones life.

The Collection of Secret Series Brand New 4-Book Set by Rhonda Byrne The Clue Prominent physicists, writers, and philosophers have disclosed that “the secret” to achieving everything you want is grounded in the universal Law of Attraction, which was once exclusively known by a select few who were reluctant to divulge their knowledge of the power. The good news is that anybody can use its energy to improve their own health, prosperity, and contentment. Over the ages, The Secret has been partially revealed in philosophy, religion, literature, and oral traditions.

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