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The Goat Life Book

The Goat Life Book

Tomás is a nubian goat living the good life with the other goats and sheep at Rodriguez Ranch. His best friends are the mighty Rocky, the comedic Gordie, and his true love Penny. Their privileged life changes abruptly the night the coyotes sing, when they must hastily embark on a most arduous journey.

They eventually meet up with the goats of Jackson Goat Ranch, who have a hard life with primitive living conditions and regular trailer rides to vegetation management jobs. To the Jacksons, goats are strictly business commodities and nothing more so the goats have no names, only numbers tagged to their ears.

Tomás and friends adjust to their new life with the Jackson goats, making friends but also arch enemies. On a beautiful sunny day, the goats nibble on invasive weeds and plants along the Rex River levee below Ol’ Hemhuck Dam, which is a ticking time bomb.

The dam has a latent defect that’s gone undetected for years, until young engineering prodigy Megan Riley makes an alarming discovery and alerts her superiors- the five old men on the Ol’ Hemhuck Water District Board of Directors.

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