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Spectrum Modern History of India
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Spectrum Modern History of India

Spectrum Modern History Book of India will be useful for academicians, research scholars, and candidates of the UGC NET and SLET too. A single source of information for those who seek general and exam-centric content on modern Indian history in a compact manner.

This book reviews the turbulent period in the history of India from the advent of the Europeans and the gradual establishment of British rule over India up to the nation’s independence from colonial rule. It also discusses the developments on the socio-economic front, the reform movements, the growth of the press, and the progress of education, besides the economic impact of British rule and the British administrative policies.

A Brief History Modern India by Rajiv Ahir – UPSC (Civil Service Exam)

This revised edition incorporates new information relating to various tribal movements, constitutional developments, workers̓ movements, and personalities associated with the freedom movement.

Table of Contents

  • Unit: 1. Sources And Approaches
  • Unit: 2. Advent of Europeans and Consolidation of British Power in India
  • Unit : 3. Rising Resentment Against Company Rule
  • Unit: 4. Reform Movements
  • Unit: 5. The Struggle Begins
  • Unit: 6. National Movement (1905 – 1918)
  • Unit: 7. Era of Mass Nationalism Begins (1919 – 1939)
  • Unit: 8. Towards Freedom and Partition (1939 – 1947)
  • Unit: 9. India Under British Rule: Governance and Other Aspects
  • Unit: 10. Independence and After

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