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Skin of a Sinner Book 1
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Skin of a Sinner Book 1

No one tells you what to do when the boy who shattered your heart comes back to steal it. Roman Riviera was my everything once upon a time. I found my knight in shining armor in the form of a fellow foster kid. He protected me and promised to stand by my side forever.

But Roman Riviera is a liar. He left me with monsters.

Three years later, I found him in the middle of the night, soaked in my family’s blood and carving his initials into my foster brother’s skin. He tied me up and dragged me away from the life I had made without him.

I tried to run, but he chased me. I wanted to scream, but the sound never came out. He says that I’m never getting away from him. He says he’s back for good. I don’t believe him.

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