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Signature Verification Form

Sign Verification Form for Bank

A signature Verification Form can be used to verify the signature to their bank account and any other. This form must be filled out by the applicants and have the correct signature.

Signature Verification Form

The Signature Verification letter is required to verify the identity of the Authorized Signatory who attested to the POR document, Telephone Bill, and Letter of Employment. This letter is to be:

  1. In the prescribed format only and preferably on the letterhead of the Organization in the Certificate Request
  2. Completed and Signed first by the Authorized Signatory of the Organization who attested to the other documents
  3. Completed and Signed lastly by the Organization’s official Banker
    • The Banker is the Branch Manager of the bank where the Organization has a valid bank account. The banker can also be any other employee of the same bank of a grade equal to or higher than the Branch Manager.
    • The Banker must affix;
    (1) His official seal on the document
    (2) His signature and full name next to his official seal on the document
    (3) His official telephone number, so that Safes Crypt may contact him in this regard
  4. Only a hard copy is valid and must be filed. However, the order can be processed with a faxed copy provided the original will be couriered to you at the earliest.

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