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She's Not Sorry Mary Kubica

She’s Not Sorry Mary Kubica

‘A tense, compelling thriller with completely gasp-worthy twists.’ Nita Prose, author of The Maid

Meghan Michaels is trying to find balance between being a single mum to a teenage daughter and working as a full-time nurse. While on duty at the hospital one day, a patient named Caitlin arrives in a coma, having plunged from a bridge onto train tracks below.

But when a witness comes forward with shocking details about the fall, it calls everything they know into question. Was Caitlin pushed and if so, by whom and why?

Meghan has always tried to stay emotionally detached from her patients, but this time, she mistakenly lets herself get too close, until she’s deeply entangled in Caitlin’s and her family’s lives. Only when it’s too late, does she realise that she and her daughter could be the next victims.

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