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PL Form

PL Form for Rajasthan Employee

PL (Privilege Leaves) are earned leaves credited to employees by the company. These leaves can be used for vacation, as rest-time, marriage leaves or in case of medical emergencies. Since these leaves are long-term, you will have to apply for a minimum of 3 days vacation, 7-14 days in advance. An organization grants 15-20 privilege leaves per year.

Privilege leave (PL Form) is provided to employees to allow them to take time off from work for various personal reasons, including vacations, personal errands, family events, or rest. It helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, reduce burnout, and rejuvenate themselves.

Eligibility Criteria for PL Form

  • They must work continuously for a predetermined period, usually 240 days.
  • They are supposed to have served their probationary term, in case applicable.
  • Must apply for privilege leave at least 15 days in advance.
  • Must possess sufficient privilege leaves to cover the requested number of days off in the application.

How  to Calculate PL Leave Encashment

Generally, organizations calculate privilege leave encashment using the following formula:

(Basic salary + DA/Number of working days in a month) x Number of Privilege Leaves

If your company does not offer DA, ignore it when calculating privilege leaves encashment.

Calculation Example for Privilege Leaves Encashment:

For instance, an employee’s privilege leave encashment will be determined as follows if they have 45 accumulated leaves, have worked 26 days in a month, and have a total of Rs. 30,000 of basic pay and DA during the past 10 months:

(30000/26) x 45 = Rs. 51,923

Therefore, they can receive Rs. 51,923 as a privilege leave encashment.

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