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Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book

Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book

Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book is a renowned name in the field of agriculture books in India which is being used by millions of students preparing for competitive exams. Agriculture, since its invention and inception, has been the prime and foremost activity of every culture and civilization throughout the history of mankind.

The famous latest 3rd edition Nem Raj Sunda agriculture book has a detailed explanation for different topics under agriculture. This agriculture book by Nem Raj Sunda is a stop solution for almost all kinds of agriculture knowledge from basics to advanced.

Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book Latest Edition – Contents

  • Evolution and History: Explore the historical development and evolution of agriculture.
  • General Agriculture: Learn about the fundamental principles and practices in agriculture.
  • Agronomy: Dive into the science of crop production and management.
  • Soil Science: Understand the properties, classification, and fertility of soils.
  • Horticulture: Discover the art and science of growing fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.
  • Entomology: Study the fascinating world of insects and their impact on agriculture.
  • Plant Pathology: Explore the causes, diagnosis, and control of plant diseases.
  • Nematology: Gain insights into the study of plant-parasitic nematodes.
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics: Learn about the principles and techniques of plant breeding.
  • Plant Physiology: Understand the physiological processes in plants and their applications in agriculture.
  • Extension: Explore the role of agricultural extension in disseminating knowledge and information.
  • Agricultural Economics: Gain an understanding of the economic aspects of agriculture.
  • Agricultural Statistics: Learn how to analyze and interpret agricultural data.
  • Animal Production: Get insights into livestock management and production practices.
  • Agricultural Engineering: Discover the application of engineering principles in agriculture.
  • Microbiology: Study the role of microorganisms in agriculture and their beneficial applications.
  • Biochemistry: Understand the chemical processes and compounds involved in agriculture.

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