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Names of Groups of Animals List

100+ Animal Names of Groups List

Animals can be divided into five distinct groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Animal groups are collective noun that refers to a group of similar species of animals. Animal groups can be classified as a herd, flock, pack, or gaggle. You will be surprised to know some groups’ names because they are funny and weird.

Names of Groups of Animals List with Picture

Animal Group
Alligator bask, congregation
Aardvark pack, grouping
Ant colony
Ape shrewdness
Armadillo herd, arrangement, pack
badger cete
Bat colony
Bear sleuth, sloth
Beaver lodge, colony
Bee colony, swarm
Beetle swarm
Bird flock,
Bittern sedge, siege
Buffalo herd
Camel flock,herd,caravan,train
Cat clowder, clan, clutter, glaring, kindle
Cattle herd, drove, drift, mob, flink
Cheetah coalition
Chicken flock, brood, clutch , peep
Chimpanzee troop, group, harem, cartload
Cockroach intrusion
Coyote pack, train, rout
Crane siege, sedge, herd
Crocodile congregation, bask, nest
Crow murder, horde
Deer herd, mob
Dog pack, litter, kennel, gang, legion
Dolphin team, school, pod, herd, party
Donkey drove, herd
Dove dole, flight, piteousness
Duck flock, brace, bunch, team
Eagle aerie, convocation, brood
Elephant herd, parade, ack
Ferret business, fastening
Fish school, shoal, draft, nest
Fly swarm, business
Fox leash, skulk, troop
Frog army, colony, bundle
Gerbil horde
Giraffe herd, corps, tower, group
Goat trip, tribe, flock, herd
Gorilla band
Grasshopper swarm, cloud
Grouse covey, pack
Guinea Pig group, herd
Hamster hoard
Hare down, husk, warren
Hawk aerie, cast
Hippopotamus herd, bloat
Hornet swarm
Horse herd, string
Hyena clan, cackle
Kangaroo mob, troop
Koala cling
Leopard leap, prowl
Lion pride
Llama herd, flock
Mole labor, company, movement
Monkey troop, cartload
Moose herd
Mouse hoard, mischief
Nightingale watch
Ostrich flock, troop
Otter romp, bevy, lodge, family, raft
Owl parliament, stare, wisdom
Panda embarrassment
Parrot company, flock
Penguin parcel, colony, huddles, rookery
Pig herd, drove, sounder, mob, drift
Pigeon flock, school
Polar bear pack
Porcupine prickle, family
Porpoise herd, pod, school
Possum passel
Rabbit warren, nest, colony
Raccoon nursery
Rat horde, mischief
Raven parliament, unkindness
Rhinoceros crash
Rook clamor, building
Sea lion pod, colony, crash, flock, herd
Shark school, shiver, slew
Sheep flock, drove
Snail escargatoire, rout, walk
Snake nest, bed, pit
Sparrow host, flight
Spider cluster, clutter
Squirrel dray, scurry
Swan flock, bevy, wedge, team
Termite swarm (while flying), colony
Tiger ambush, streak
Turtle bale/nest
Viper nest
Wallaby mob
Whale pod, gam, herd, school
Wolf pack, rout
Wombat warren, mob
Woodpecker descent
Yak herd
Zebra herd, crossing, dazzle

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