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MSCIT Exam Questions Answers

MSCIT Exam Questions Answers

The MSCIT Exam is designed to impart basic computer knowledge and skills to candidates, making them proficient in using information technology tools effectively. It is a popular certification program in the state of Maharashtra, India.

The primary objective of the MSCIT exam is to equip candidates with fundamental knowledge and skills in information technology. It covers various topics related to computer applications, software, hardware, operating systems, and basic computer concepts.

MSCIT Final Exam Objective Question

Q.1 Starting or restarting a computer is called ______ the system.

Ans. Booting

Q.2 ________ are used to store data and programs.

Ans. File

Q.3 __________ is unprocessed facts

Ans. Data

Q.4 Windows XP is an example of

Ans. Operating system

Q.5 Every computer must have an operating system.

Ans. True

Q.6 Systems software includes all of the following except

Ans. Desktop Publishing

Q.7 Which of the following is an Operating system?

Ans. All of these

Q.8 A__________ is a concentric ring.

Ans. Track

Q.9 Anti virus programs are meant to guard a computer from invasion of the virus programs

Ans. True

Q.10 __________is background software that helps the computer manage its own internal resources

Ans. System software

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Q.11 __________ is the ability of the operating system to run more than one application at a time

Ans. Multitasking

Q.12 Trouble shooting programs recognize both hardware and software problems and try to correct them as far as possible

Ans. True

Q.13 Operating systems are programs that manage resources, provide user interface and run applications.

Ans. True

Q.14 Multitasking is the ability of the Operating system to run more than one application at a time.

Ans. True

Q.15 Utilities are known as service programs.

Ans. True

Q.16 Another name for software is

Ans. Programs

Q.17 _________ consists of the step-by-step instructions that tell the computer how to do its work

Ans. Program

Q.18 _________ specify rules or guidelines for computer operations.

Ans. Procedures

Q.19 Which program reduce the size of the files so that they occupy lesser space on the disk?

Ans. File Compression

Q.20 Processing data creates________

Ans. Information

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