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Mirror of Common Error English Book

Mirror of Common Error English Book

The textbook is a ready-to-refer compendium on the most common blunders by students who are unexposed to the intricacies of the language. The textbook is neatly organized into the actual text part, followed by problems, answers, and their explanations.

Mirror of Common Error English Book Contents of Book

  • Articles: A, An, The, Idiomatic Uses of ‘A / An’, Difference ‘A’ and ‘An’, Uses of ‘The’, Omission of Articles. Problems, Answers, Explanations
  • Nouns & Cases: Case- Definition, Types, Possessive Case, Uses of Apostrophe ‘S’ (‘s), Problems, Answer, Explanations
  • Nouns & Numbers: Nouns and Numbers – Singular Nouns, Singular and Plural Nouns (No change in form), Plural Nouns, Singular-Plural Formation, Uses of Singular Nouns, Uses of Plural Nouns, Problems, Answers, Explanations
  • Subject – Verb Agreement: Subject – Verb Agreement, Problems, Answers, Explanations
  • Time & Tenses: Present Tense – Present Indefinite, Present Imperfect/Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Tense – Past Indefinite, Past Imperfect/Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Tense – Future Indefinite, Future Imperfect/Continuous, Future Perfect, Problems, Answer, Explanations
  • Pronouns: Pronouns – Definition, Classification, Uses of Personal Pronouns, Uses of Objective Case Pronouns, ‘Than’ and the Case, Distributive, Reciprocal, Demonstrative, Reflexive, Emphatic, Relative, Uses of who / Which / that etc Who / Whom, Interrogative, Exclamatory, Problems, Answer, Explanations
  • Adjectives: Adjectives – Definition, Classification, Proper Adjective, Distributive, Use of each, every, neither, each and every, Demonstrative, Numeral, Order of Numerals, Quantitative, Order of Indefinite Numerals and Definite Numerals, Qualitative, Interrogative, Degree of Comparison, Some Important Facts : Comparatively / Relatively, Enough, Interchanges of Degrees, Problems, Answers, Explanations
  • Verbs: Verbs – Auxiliary Verbs, Primary Auxiliaries, Modal Auxiliaries, Main Verbs / Principal Verbs, Infinitives – Uses of Infinitives, Uses of Infinitives (without ‘to’) or (Bare Infinitives), Participles, Problems, Answers, Explanations
  • Adverbs: Classification, Simple Adverbs, Interrogative Adverbs, Relative Adverbs, Some Important Adverbs and their uses, Position of Adverbs, Inversion, Problems
  • Conjunctions: Some important Conjunctions and their uses, Problems, Answer Explanations

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