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Black Book Maths Jee

Black Book Maths Jee

The “Black Book” for JEE Maths is a popular resource among students preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), particularly for the mathematics section.

“Mathematics” for JEE Maths is highly regarded among JEE aspirants for its comprehensive coverage, problem-solving approach, and emphasis on building strong fundamentals in mathematics. It serves as a valuable resource for students looking to excel in the mathematics section of the JEE and secure admission to top engineering colleges in India.

Black Book Maths Jee Structure

  • 1. Detailed Theory
  • 2. Solved Examples
  • 3. Board Level Problems
  • 4. Topic-wise Questions
  • 5. JEE Main Level Questions
  • 6. JEE Advanced Level Questions
  • 7. Past Year Questions
  • 8. PW Challengers

Mathematics for JEE Book Features and USPs

  • Detailed Theory supplemented by Train Your Brain and Concept Application Questions.
  • Solved Miscellaneous Examples and Topic-wise exercises.
  • Board-level Problems for school-going students.
  • JEE Main and Advanced level MCQs for practical application.
  • Diverse Question types including Match the Column, Comprehension-Based, Numerical Type, and Multicorrect, Assertion & Reason
  • Based, Statement Based Questions.
  • JEE Past Year Questions with Elaborated Solutions.

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