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مانوسمرتی (Manusmriti Book)

Manusmriti Book – Laws & Rules

The Manusmṛiti, also spelled as Manusmruti, is an ancient legal text among the many Dharmaśāstras of Hinduism. It was one of the first constitutions written by Maharaj Manu.

The Manusmriti is believed to have been composed between the 2nd century BCE and the 2nd century CE. It is divided into twelve chapters, containing verses that cover various aspects of human life, including social organization, family structure, marital relations, inheritance, governance, and legal principles.

Manusmriti Book Chapters Name List

  1. The Creation of the Universe
  2. The Duties of the Various Castes
  3. The Duties of the Individual
  4. The Laws of Marriage and Family
  5. The Laws of Inheritance and Succession
  6. The Laws of Commerce and Debts
  7. The Laws of Government and Administration
  8. The Laws of Criminal Offenses and Punishments
  9. The Laws of Personal Purity and Social Relationships
  10. The Laws of Diet and Ritual Purity
  11. The Laws of Penances and Expiations
  12. The Laws of Salvation and Liberation

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