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Makkar IELTS Writing Task 2

Makkar IELTS Writing Task 2 2024

Makkar IELTS Writing Task is a series of books authored by Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar, a renowned IELTS instructor and author. These books are designed to help IELTS candidates improve their writing skills for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, particularly for the Academic Module.

The series typically includes multiple volumes, each focusing on different aspects of the IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2.

Makkar IELTS Writing Task series:

  1. Structured Approach: The books provide a structured approach to understanding the requirements of both Task 1 (report writing) and Task 2 (essay writing) of the IELTS Writing section. They break down the tasks into manageable steps and provide clear instructions on how to approach each task effectively.
  2. Sample Questions: The books contain a wide range of sample questions for both Task 1 and Task 2, covering various topics and question types commonly seen in the IELTS exam. These sample questions help candidates familiarize themselves with the types of tasks they may encounter on the exam day.
  3. Model Answers: One of the key features of the Makkar IELTS Writing Task series is the inclusion of model answers for each sample question. These model answers are well-structured, well-written responses that demonstrate how to effectively address the task requirements and achieve a high band score.
  4. Useful Tips and Strategies: The books offer valuable tips and strategies for tackling different types of writing tasks. These tips cover aspects such as time management, brainstorming ideas, organizing content, and improving coherence and cohesion in writing.
  5. Language and Vocabulary: The series also focuses on enhancing candidates’ language skills and vocabulary, providing useful phrases, expressions, and vocabulary lists that can be used in various contexts to enrich the quality of writing.

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