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Little Stranger Book

Little Stranger Book

Little Stranger Book Summary

A little girl and her mom and dad are at the airport waiting for their new adopted son to arrive. The little girl is so excited and can’t wait to have a new brother. He arrives and doesn’t speak but keeps looking at the little girl with a tilt of his head.

When the parents aren’t paying attention, he takes her hand and drags her through the airport, into the bathroom and keeps trying to show her something. She finally figures out he’s saying “mine”. As the years go on, the little girl grows up and is offered to boys to be married off while the boy is to sit back and watch even though she is his.

The main male character Malachi kept me so intrigued with the book from start to finish. I loved everything about him from his crazy unhinged side to his innocent not knowing how to do anything side, to his overprotective side. He is my all-time favorite.

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