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List of Prepositions with Meaning in Hindi
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List of Prepositions with Hindi Meaning

List of Prepositions with Meaning in Hindi

No. Preposition Meaning in Hindi
1 About के बारे में
2 Above के ऊपर
3 Across के पार
4 After के बाद
5 Against के खिलाफ
6 Along के साथ
7 Among के बीच
8 Around चारों ओर
9 At पर
10 Before से पहले
11 Behind के पीछे
12 Below के नीचे
13 Beneath के नीचे
14 Beside के बगल में
15 Between के बीच में
16 Beyond के पार
17 By द्वारा
18 Down नीचे
19 During के दौरान
20 For के लिए
21 From से
22 In में
23 Inside अंदर
24 Into में
25 Near के पास
26 Of का, के, की
27 Off से दूर
28 On पर
29 Out बाहर
30 Outside बाहर
31 Over के ऊपर
32 Through के माध्यम से
33 To को
34 Toward की ओर
35 Under के नीचे
36 Until तक
37 Up ऊपर
38 Upon पर
39 With के साथ
40 Within के अंदर
41 Without के बिना

List of Prepositions with Examples

No. Preposition Example Sentence
1 About She is talking about the movie.
2 Above The picture is above the sofa.
3 Across The bridge goes across the river.
4 After We will go to dinner after the movie.
5 Against She leaned against the wall.
6 Along They walked along the beach.
7 Among He was among friends.
8 Around They sat around the table.
9 At She is at the office.
10 Before Finish your homework before dinner.
11 Behind The cat is behind the curtain.
12 Below The submarine is below the surface.
13 Beneath He hid beneath the bed.
14 Beside She sat beside her friend.
15 Between The ball is between the shoes.
16 Beyond The village is beyond the hills.
17 By The book is by the lamp.
18 Down They ran down the hill.
19 During She slept during the flight.
20 For This gift is for you.
21 From She is from India.
22 In The keys are in the drawer.
23 Inside They are inside the house.
24 Into She walked into the room.
25 Near The school is near the park.
26 Of The pages of the book are torn.
27 Off The cat jumped off the table.
28 On The book is on the table.
29 Out He went out of the house.
30 Outside The kids are playing outside.
31 Over The plane flew over the mountains.
32 Through She walked through the door.
33 To We are going to the market.
34 Toward She walked toward the light.
35 Under The cat is under the table.
36 Until Wait until I come back.
37 Up She climbed up the ladder.
38 Upon Once upon a time, there was a princess.
39 With He is playing with his friends.
40 Within Finish the work within an hour.
41 Without Don’t leave without your phone.

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