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Jumbo Colouring Book
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Jumbo Colouring Book

Jumbo Colouring Book helps children learn new words in a fun way and improve their English. It includes many of the words children might see in their tests. It is packed with 365 amazing and exciting images to introduce children to the world of colours. The book contains 365 images, which lets them colour one page each day and increase their colouring and creativity. For children: Increases creativity For parents and teachers: This book is aimed at developing the artistry precision in young children.

This book has 365 pictures to colour, the kids have one picture to colour for each day of the year. Their world is full of imagination and colours which they can now express through this book. Each picture is unique and made of black boundaries on a white background for kids to colour with their imagination.

Jumbo Colouring Book

  • The children will enjoy colouring the variety of pictures with their choice of colours, developing their motor skills in parallel
  • There are a lot of pictures in the book which teach kids about their conduct, and behaviour at different places. They will learn a lot of things while colouring these pictures.

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