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Jeet ki Ranneeti Book (जीत की रणनीति)

जीत की रणनीति

Jeet ki Ranneeti’s book is ever written for NEET & JEE Aspirant and this book is followed by thousands of students to create a concrete plan for success that, when followed, never fails. It is probably the most important personal mentorship book for any student appearing in a competitive exam. Jeet Ki Ranneeti has inspired thousands of students since its launch.

Jeet Ki Ranneeti’s book is a pure blend of motivation, mental strategies, exam strategies & subject strategies to maximize your overall score in any competitive exam. About the Author. Dr. Abhimanyu Kumawat (commonly known as ABK Sir) founder and CEO of NEET KaKa JEE & Celsius Institute. ABK Sir has mentored over a million students to achieve ultimate success in competitive exams. ABK Sir is India’s best exam preparation expert, student coach, reality speaker, and storyteller. This book is like your friendly topper and best friend of every NEET & JEE aspirant.

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