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Independence Day Speech English 2024

Independence Day Speech in English 2024

Independence Day is also a time to reflect on the progress made since 1947. It is an opportunity to assess the nation’s achievements and identify areas where further development and improvement are needed. Independence Day is marked by various ceremonies, including flag hoisting, parades, cultural events, and speeches by leaders, all of which contribute to the patriotic fervor and spirit of the day.

Independence Day Speech in English for Students

Good Morning Everyone! Today we all are here to acknowledge our privilege of being born in a Free India and celebrate the 76th Independence day of our country.

On 15th August 1947, India got its Independence. Past back in 1947, was on this day that India gained its independence from the United Kingdom and freed itself from the shackles of colonialism. With such toil and tyranny, India fought for its independence for about a decade. Let us all hold our hands together and bow in front of all those heroes who had bravely fought to gift a generation full of freedom.

Today, our mind is without fear and our heads are held high up in the sky. Not only did we free ourselves from colonialism, but we also rejuvenated our Nation and brought India back with a revolution. Our leaders, and their invaluable struggle to free India from the shackles of injustice, had been an inspiration to all of us as an epitome of courage and bravery. The values and the practices that India holds in its ancient culture had been an example set for all of us.

Just flashback and think of those times, when mothers sacrificed their sons, where the country had blood marks engraved on its battlegrounds, where people sacrificed their families, where daughters lost their fathers, where wives were ruthlessly widowed, and where people couldn’t hold their heads high, where people were forced to become slaves of the British, where people of India were treated as untouchables.

India had been so vibrant and so united in itself in spite of the fact that it has such a huge population and democracy, due to which India had spaced up itself in such a position that the whole universe looks back at India as a place where unity exists along with such diversity. India is known as a melting pot of cultures and traditions and the people of India hold a shared equanimity themselves which preserves humanity.

India is an independent nation now. As the preamble of the Indian constitution states itself as a sovereign, secular, and democratic country, it is within our responsibility that we uphold the pillars of virtues in India as a youth. On Independence day, a huge ceremony is held at Rajpath, where the program is commenced with our honourable Prime minister’s hoisting of the Indian Tricolour. It is then followed by a national anthem and tribute is paid to the country and its flag by firing 21 guns. The national anthem is played and flowers are downpoured from the helicopter. A March past show is held and the militants from all the forces put up the parade. In schools, programs are held by the students and flag hoisting is also done.

For years, our courageous heroes fought valiantly to ensure that future generations might live in freedom and dignity. Let’s salute the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and soldiers who made us realize the dream of an independent and unified India. We pay tribute to the heroic personalities.

Justice, liberty, Unity, Equity, and Fraternity…May we weave a better future and embellish it with high hopes, growth, and positivity.

Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day once again…

Independence Day Short Speech in English

Respected guests, esteemed teachers, and my dear friends,

Today, we gather to celebrate the spirit of freedom and independence. On August 15th, 1947, India achieved freedom from colonial rule, marking the dawn of a new era. This day is not just a historical milestone but a testament to the relentless efforts, sacrifices, and unity of our freedom fighters.

As we hoist our national flag and sing the national anthem, let us remember the values of democracy, justice, and equality that form the bedrock of our great nation. It is a time to reflect on our progress, celebrate our diversity, and pledge to work towards a brighter future for all.

Happy Independence Day to everyone. Jai Hind!

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