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IMC Business Plan 2024

IMC Business Plan 2024

IMC (Indian Multi-Level Marketing Corporation) is a company that operates on a direct selling model, offering a range of products across various categories such as healthcare, wellness, personal care, home care, and more.

The IMC business plan revolves around its network marketing model, where individuals can join as independent distributors and earn income through product sales and building their own sales teams.

IMC Business Plan 2024

  • IMC’s compensation plan is designed to reward distributors for both their personal sales efforts and for building and leading a team of distributors.
  • The plan typically includes various income streams, such as retail profits, performance bonuses, leadership bonuses, and incentives like foreign trips, car incentives, etc.
  • Distributors can earn commissions based on their sales volume, as well as the sales volume of their downline team members.

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