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Human Psychology Book

Human Psychology Book

The Human Psychology Book is your visual guide to the unique and fascinating world of human behaviour. Learn how we learn, form emotional bonds with others, and develop coping mechanisms to deal with adversity or conform to social norms. Fundamentals of Educational Psychology is an attempt to summarize the text’s unique style and coverage in order to broaden its scope and make it more reader-friendly.

Learn about key thinkers like Freud and Ivan Pavlov, as well as McClelland and Davidson’s .There was an urgent need for a book on psychology that could quench the thirst of eager students. Comprehend this aspect of human psychology It gives me great pleasure to present this book to undergraduate students of Psychology and Education at colleges throughout Jammu and Kashmir, as well as across the country. This book would be extremely beneficial to teachers, trainers, and a wide range of colleges that offer psychology as a course.

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