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hscap.kerala.gov.in School List
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hscap.kerala.gov.in School List

School Name Address Phone No Email ID
GOVT MODEL BOYS HSS ATTINGAL Attingal, Trivandrum 0470-2623200 [email protected]
GOVT. GIRLS HSS, COTTONHILL ,TRIVANDRUM Cottonhill, Trivandrum 0471-2725087 [email protected]
GOVT. V.H.S.S FOR THE DEAF, JAGATHY, TRIVANDRUM Jagathy, Trivandrum 0471-2323395 [email protected]
DR AMMR HSS ,KATTELA, SREEKARIAM P.O, TRIVANDRUM Sreekariam P.O, Trivandrum 0471-2597900 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, KILIMANOOR, TRIVANDRUM Kilimanoor, Trivandrum 0470-2670067 [email protected]
GOVT.GIRLS HSS,MANACAUD, TRIVANDRUM Manacaud, Trivandrum 0471-2470939 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, MEDICAL COLLEGE, TRIVANDRUM Medical College, Trivandrum 0471-2554816 [email protected]
GOVT. BOYS HSS, MITHIRMALA, TRIVANDRUM Mithirmala, Trivandrum 0472-2820044 [email protected]
GOVT GIRLS HSS, NEDUMANGAD, TRIVANDRUM Nedumangad, Trivandrum 0472-2802492 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, NEDUVELI, KONCHIRA PO, VEMBAYAM, TRIVANDRUM Konchira PO, Vembayam, Trivandrum 0472-2831300 [email protected]
GOVT. GIRLS HSS, NEYYATTINKARA, TRIVANDRUM Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum 0471-2223525 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, PAKALKURI, PALLICKAL,TRIVANDRUM Pallickal, Trivandrum 0470-2681556 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, PALAYAMKUNNU, TRIVANDRUM Palayamkunnu, Trivandrum 0470-2665209 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, PIRAPPANCODE, TRIVANDRUM Pirappancode, Trivandrum 0472-2581080 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, PETTAH, TRIVANDRUM Pettah, Trivandrum 0471-2461877 [email protected]
S.M.V. GOVT.MODEL HSS, TRIVANDRUM Trivandrum 0471-2338180 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS,VETTOOR, TRIVANDRUM Vettoor, Trivandrum 0470-2610090 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, KULATHOOR, KAZHAKUTTOM, TRIVANDRUM Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum 0471-2412188 [email protected]
GOVT. GIRLS HSS, MITHIRMALA, TRIVANDRUM Mithirmala, Trivandrum 0472-2820810 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, THOLIKODE, TRIVANDRUM Tholikode, Trivandrum 0472-2879695 [email protected]
GOVT. GIRLS HSS, PATTOM, TRIVANDRUM Pattom, Trivandrum 0471-2559615 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, KAMALESWARAM, TRIVANDRUM Kamaleswaram, Trivandrum 0471-2457450 [email protected]
GOVT MODEL BOYS HSS, THYCAUD, TRIVANDRUM Thycaud, Trivandrum 0471-2331797 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, VENJARAMOODU, TRIVANDRUM Venjaramoodu, Trivandrum 0472-2875320 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, BALARAMAPURAM, TRIVANDRUM Balaramapuram, Trivandrum 0471-2409486 [email protected]
GOVT BHSS, NEYYATTINKARA, TRIVANDRUM Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum 0471-2225857 [email protected]
GOVT. HSS, ANAVOOR, TRIVANDRUM Anavoor, Trivandrum 0471-2275385 [email protected]
GOVT MODEL HSS, VARKALA TRIVANDRUM Varkala, Trivandrum 0470-2605588 [email protected]
PNM GOVT. HSS,KOONTHALLUR, CHIRAYINKEEZHU, TRIVANDRUM Chirayinkeezhu, Trivandrum 0470-2646366 [email protected]
GOVT GIRLS HSS, ATTINGAL, TRIVANDRUM Attingal, Trivandrum 0470-2620262 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, NAVAIKULAM, TRIVANDRUM Navaikulam, Trivandrum 0470-2692092 [email protected]
GOVT.HSS, BHARATHANNUR, TRIVANDRUM Bharathannur, Trivandrum 0472-2869292 [email protected]
GOVT VHSS, KARAKULAM, TRIVANDRUM Karakulam, Trivandrum 0471-2371575 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, THONNAKKAL, TRIVANDRUM Thonnakkal, Trivandrum 0471-2709788 [email protected]
PSNPM GOVT HSS, PEROORKADA, TRIVANDRUM Peroorkada, Trivandrum 0471-2433353 [email protected]
GOVT GIRLS HSS, KARAMANA, TRIVANDRUM Karamana, Trivandrum 0471-2346015 [email protected]
GOVT GIRLS HSS, MALAYINKIL, TRIVANDRUM Malayinkil, Trivandrum 0471-2280988 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, PUNNAMOODU,TRIVANDRUM Punnmoodu, Trivandrum 0471-2406900 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, NEEYYARDAM, TRIVANDRUM Neeyyardam, Trivandrum 0471-2271375 [email protected]
KULATHUMMAL GOVT HSS, KATTAKKADA, TRIVANDRUM Kattakkada, Trivandrum 0471-2290202 [email protected]
GOVT BOYS HSS, CHALAI, TRIVANDRUM Chalai, Trivandrum 0471-2575722 [email protected]
GOVT VHSS, VELLANAD, TRIVANDRUM Vellanad, Trivandrum 0472-2884532 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, MARAYAMUTTAM, TRIVANDRUM Marayamuttam, Trivandrum 0471-2277257 [email protected]
GOVT TAMIL HSS, CHALAI,TRIVANDRUM Chalai, Trivandrum 0471-2475590 [email protected]
GOVT VHSS, KULATHOOR,UCHAKKADA, TRIVANDRUM Uchakkada, Trivandrum 0471-2211145 [email protected]
NKM GOVT HSS, DHANUVACHAPURAM, TRIVANDRUM Dhanuvachapuram, Trivandrum 0471-2233022 [email protected]
CONCORDIA LUTHERAN HSS, PEROORKADA, TRIVANDRUM Peroorkada, Trivandrum 0471-2438011 [email protected]
S.S.V HSS, CHIRAYINKIL, TRIVANDRUM Chirayinkil, Trivandrum 0470-2646120 [email protected]
LEO XIII HSS, PULLUVILA, TRIVANDRUM Pulluvila, Trivandrum 0471-2263344 [email protected]
SIVAGIRI HSS, VARKALA, TRIVNDRUM Varkala, Trivandrum 0470-2612244 [email protected]
ST.JOSEPH S HSS, ANCHENGO, TRIVANDRUM Anchengo, Trivandrum 0470-2659700 [email protected]
R.R.V.GIRLS HSS, KILLIMANOOR, TRIVANDRUM Killimanoor, Trivandrum 0470-2672045 [email protected]
JANATHA HSS, THEMBAMOOD, TRIVANDRUM Thembamood, Trivandrum 0472-2829017 [email protected]
M.V HSS, THUNDATHIL, TRIVANDRUM Thundathil, Trivandrum 0471-2712700 [email protected]
PALLITHURA HSS, PALLITHURA, TRIVANDRUM Pallithura, Trivandrum 0471-2705343 [email protected]
ST.ANTONY S HSS, VALIATHURA, TRIVANDRUM Valiathura, Trivandrum 9447124723 [email protected]
ST. MARY S HSS, VETTUKAD, TRIVANDRUM Vettukad, Trivandrum 0471-2500934 [email protected]
R.K.D.N.S.S HSS, SASTHAMANGALAM, TRIVANDRUM Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum 0471-2725714 [email protected]
ST.JOSEPH S HSS, TRIVANDRUM Trivandrum 0471-2467078 [email protected]
L.M.S BOYS HSS, AMARAVILA, TRIVANDRUM Amaravila, Trivandrum 0471-2221972 [email protected]
M.V. HSS, ARUMANOOR, TRIVANDRUM Arumanoor, Trivandrum 0471-2214376 [email protected]
GIRLS HSS, VENGANOOR, TRIVANDRUM Venganoor, Trivandrum 0471-2480425 [email protected]
V.P.S. MALANKARA HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, VENGANOOR, TRIVANDRUM Venganoor, Trivandrum 0471-2486831 [email protected]
UNDENCODE ST JOHN S HSS, CHERIYAKOLLA, TRIVANDRUM CheriyaKolla, Trivandrum 0471-2250768 [email protected]
S.N.V HSS, NEDUNGANDA, TRIVANDRUM Nedunganda, Trivandrum 0470-2605712 [email protected]
ST. MARY S HSS, PATTOM, TRIVANDRUM Pattom, Trivandrum 0471-2447395 [email protected]
IQBAL HSS, PERINGAMALA, TRIVANDRUM Peringamala, Trivandrum 9446965937 [email protected]
L.M.S.HSS, CHEMBOOR, OTTASEKHARAMANGALAM PO, TRIVANDRUM Chemboor, Ottasekharamangalam, Trivandrum 0471-2255544 [email protected]
NEW HSS, NELLIMOODU, TRIVANDRUM Nellimoodu, Trivandrum 0471-2260858 [email protected]
S.N G. HSS, CHEMPAZHANTHY, TRIVANDRUM Chempazhanthy, Trivandrum 0471-2596425 [email protected]
S.N.V. HSS, ANAD, TRIVANDRUM Anad, Trivandrum 0472-2813280 [email protected]
ST JOHNS MODEL HSS,NALANCHIRA,TRIVANDRUM Nalanchira, Trivandrum 0471-2530776 [email protected]
NSS HSS,PALKULANGARA,TRIVANDRUM Palkulangara, Trivandrum 0471-2466877 [email protected]
SN HSS,UZHAMALAKKAL,TRIVANDRUM Uzhamalakkal, Trivandrum 0472-2899699 [email protected]
ST THOMAS HSS,POONTHURA,TRIVANDRUM Poonthurra, Trivandrum 0471-2380183 [email protected]
MUSLIM GIRLS HSS,KANIYAPURAM,TRIVANDRUM Kaniyapuram, Trivandrum 0471-2750925 [email protected]
MCHSS,KOTTUKALKONAM,TRIVANDRUM Kottukalkonam, Trivandrum 9447103921 [email protected]
SALVATION ARMY HSS,KOWDIAR,TRIVANDRUM Kowdiar, Trivandrum 9447713335 [email protected]
PKS HSS,KANJIRAMKULAM,TRIVANDRUM Kanjiramkulam, Trivandrum 0471-2265262 [email protected]
LMS HSS,VATTAPPARA,TRIVANDRUM Vattappara, Trivandrum 0472-2587507 [email protected]
ST MARY S HSS,VIZHINJAM,TRIVANDRUM Vizhinjam, Trivandrum 0471-2485577 [email protected]
MUSLIM HSS,EDAVA,TRIVANDRUM Edava, Trivandrum 0470-2664025 [email protected]
JANARDHANAPURAM HSS,OTTASEKHARAMANGALAM, TRIVANDRUM Ottasekharamangalam, Trivandrum 0471-2257656 [email protected]
DRO M.G.HSS,PALODE,TRIVANDRUM Palode, Trivandrum 0472-2851015 [email protected]
ST MARYS HSS, MARANALLUR,TRIVANDRUM Maranallur, Trivandrum 0471-2293679 [email protected]
ST GEORGE HSS, PERUMATHURA,TRIVANDRUM Perumathura, Trivandrum 0471-2385183 [email protected]
NSS HSS, PUTHUKULANGARA,TRIVANDRUM Puthukulangara, Trivandrum 0471-2480922 [email protected]
NSS HSS,KULATHOOR,TRIVANDRUM Kulathoor, Trivandrum 0471-2417270 [email protected]
LMS HSS, KUMARICHANDY,TRIVANDRUM Kumarichandy, Trivandrum 0472-2860550 [email protected]
C K KAMALAMMA HSS, POTHENCODE,TRIVANDRUM Pothencode, Trivandrum 0472-2872091 [email protected]
AKSHARA HSS, KANJIRAMPARA,TRIVANDRUM Kanjirampara, Trivandrum 0471-2363736 [email protected]
ST THOMAS HSS, KARUMAM,TRIVANDRUM Karumam, Trivandrum 0471-2360250 [email protected]
MARY MATHA HSS, MALAYINKEEZHU,TRIVANDRUM Malayinkeezhu, Trivandrum 0471-2288531 [email protected]
ST GEORGE HSS, KOTTUKAL,TRIVANDRUM Kottukal, Trivandrum 0471-2390502 [email protected]
NSS HSS, NEYYATTINKARA,TRIVANDRUM Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum 0471-2222114 [email protected]
NSS HSS, CHIRAYINKIL,TRIVANDRUM Chirayinkeezhu, Trivandrum 0470-2640041 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VATTIYOORKAVU,TRIVANDRUM Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum 0471-2361407 [email protected]
C.K.U.HSS, KUNNATHUKAL,TRIVANDRUM Kunnathukal, Trivandrum 0472-2859444 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VIZHINJAM,TRIVANDRUM Vizhinjam, Trivandrum 0471-2485551 [email protected]
NSS HSS, PALODE,TRIVANDRUM Palode, Trivandrum 0472-2850207 [email protected]
C.K.M. HSS, PANGODE,TRIVANDRUM Pangode, Trivandrum 0471-2217322 [email protected]
C. K. M. HSS, PANGODE,TRIVANDRUM Pangode, Trivandrum 0471-2217322 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VARKALA,TRIVANDRUM Varkala, Trivandrum 0470-2610632 [email protected]
GOVT HSS, KURISHUMOODU,TRIVANDRUM Kurishumoodu, Trivandrum 0472-2877129 [email protected]
FLORENCE HSS, KARAKULAM,TRIVANDRUM Karakulam, Trivandrum 0471-2371688 [email protected]
NSS HSS, MALAYINKEEZHU,TRIVANDRUM Malayinkeezhu, Trivandrum 0471-2280988 [email protected]
SREE NARAYANA HSS, KANJIRAMKULAM,TRIVANDRUM Kanjiramkulam, Trivandrum 0471-2265262 [email protected]
NSS HSS, KANJIRAMPARA,TRIVANDRUM Kanjirampara, Trivandrum 0471-2363736 [email protected]
NSS HSS, KOTTUKAL,TRIVANDRUM Kottukal, Trivandrum 0471-2390502 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VATTIYOORKAVU,TRIVANDRUM Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum 0471-2361407 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VIZHINJAM,TRIVANDRUM Vizhinjam, Trivandrum 0471-2485551 [email protected]
NSS HSS, PALODE,TRIVANDRUM Palode, Trivandrum 0472-2850207 [email protected]
NSS HSS, VARKALA,TRIVANDRUM Varkala, Trivandrum 0470-2610632 [email protected]

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