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500+ Homophones List
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500+ Homophones List

As you look through this homophones list, keep in mind that some words may be homophones only in certain areas. For example, merry and Mary sound alike in many regions, but not in others. If you disagree with a homophone set, feel free to ignore it. It may not be a homophone in your area, but it is somewhere else.

List of Homophones with Meanings A to Z

Homophone Meaning 1 Meaning 2
Ate Past tense of “eat” To provoke or incite
Eight The number 8 The past tense of “ate”
Ball A spherical object used in sports A formal dance
Bawl To cry loudly To shout or scream loudly
Pair Two of something, often matching To arrange things in groups of two
Pear A sweet, juicy fruit A tree with an edible fruit
Right Correct or morally just The opposite of left
Write To inscribe or put thoughts on paper The opposite of “wrong”
Flour A powder made from grinding grains The act of flower in bloom
Flower The reproductive part of a plant A powder made from grinding grains
Hair The fine threads growing from skin To be hesitant or uncertain
Hare A fast-running mammal To be hesitant or uncertain
Mail Letters or packages sent through a postal system Armor worn by knights
Male Of or relating to men or boys The opposite of “female”
Pail A bucket for carrying liquids A light, open container used for carrying or holding things
Pale Light in color Lacking color due to fear or illness
Rain Precipitation in the form of droplets To fall as rain
Reign Rule or authority of a monarch A period of time when something is dominant or influential
See To perceive with the eyes To understand or comprehend
Sea A large body of saltwater A large number of people or things
To Expressing motion or direction In the direction of or reaching
Too In addition, also Excessive or more than necessary
Two The number 2 One plus one
Wear To have on one’s body To deteriorate or erode
Where In or to what place or position At or to which place or position
You’re Contraction of “you are” Possessive form of “you”
Your Belonging to you Of or relating to you
Their Belonging to them Of or relating to them
There At or in that place Used to attract attention or indicate something
They’re Contraction of “they are” Possessive form of “they”

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