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Helping Verbs List with Example
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Helping Verbs List with Example

Helping verbs, also known as auxiliary verbs, are verbs that are used alongside main verbs to form verb phrases, express tense, voice, mood, or emphasis, and convey various nuances in meaning.

Helping Verbs List with Example

Helping Verb Example
Am I am going to the store.
Is She is studying for her exam.
Are They are playing basketball.
Was He was sleeping when you called.
Were We were watching a movie last night.
Be You should be careful.
Being She is being very helpful.
Been They have been waiting for hours.
Have I have finished my homework.
Has She has already left for work.
Had We had dinner at a nice restaurant.
Do Why do you always arrive late?
Does He does not like spicy food.
Did What did you eat for breakfast?
Shall I shall call you later.
Will She will arrive at 3 o’clock.
Should You should eat your vegetables.
Would He would like a cup of tea, please.
May May I borrow your pen?
Might They might come to the party tonight.
Must You must finish your homework before dinner.
Can She can speak three languages.
Could We could go to the beach tomorrow.

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