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Half Girlfriend Novel by Chetan Bhagat
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Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Indian author Chetan Bhagat writes young adult, coming-of-age romantic books in English under the pen name Half Girlfriend. The story of a Bihari guy on a mission to win over the girl he loves is told in this novel, which is set in rural Bihar, New Delhi, Patna, and New York.

Half Girlfriend is a story that has been set in different locations including Bihar, Delhi and New York; it revolves around a boy who comes from Bihar in India and his deep longing to dazzle out the girl he is in love with. According to the author, the book is meant for the “non-English-types” and reveals the utter dissatisfaction and language problems a young man from Bihar, who speaks Bhojpuri and knows little about the ways of big cities, had to wade through as he got admitted at St. Stephen’s College in the national capital, a place that signified sophistication.

Half Girlfriend Summary

The novel starts with the interaction between Chetan Bhagat and Madhav Jha in a hotel. The interaction between them inspires the author to convert the story into a novel which is known by the name Half Girlfriend. The title of the novel suggests that most of the story of the novel revolves around the romantic relationship between the two.

Madhav Jha tells the author how he came to Delhi where he was admission to Saint Stephen’s College under sports quota. After the interview, he goes out for a trial in basketball lawn and has his look on a pretty girl playing in the lawn. Being himself from the same field he gives some suggestions to the pretty girl. Through this way he comes in contact with Riya.

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