GNM Nursing Entrance Exam Syllabus 2024 PDF

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GNM Nursing Entrance Exam Syllabus
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GNM Nursing Entrance Exam Syllabus 2024

GNM Nursing Syllabus covers topics such as health care, nursing science, midwifery, mental health promotion, illness prevention, and health care teaching. GNM Syllabus is based on a three-year course that focuses on many areas such as Health Education and Communication Skills, Nutrition, English, Computer Application, and so on.

GNM Nursing Syllabus 2024

Semester Syllabus Details
1 Introduction to Anatomical terms organization of the human body Students will get to learn about the human body, cells, human body construction, and tissues.
Microorganisms Microorganisms are most known for their potential to cause disease, but they are also important in agriculture, industry, and ecology.
Control and destruction of Microbes Students will investigate organisms’ genetic language as well as their origin environment for indications regarding vital components or the organisms’ need for coculture to assist development and thriving.
2 Introduction to the detailed structure of the body Students will get to learn about the human body, cells, human body construction, and tissues.
Immunity Students will get to learn about how well you are protected against sickness and how a vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies in response to a disease.
Practical Microbiology This course will teach you the fundamentals of microbiology. Learn how to define bacteria, antimicrobials, and antibiotics to lay a solid basis for further research and practice in the subject of microbiology.
3 Behavioural Sciences Behavioural sciences study the cognitive processes that occur within creatures as well as the behavioural interactions that occur between organisms in the natural world.
Definition, characteristics, and types of family Family nursing aims to improve the potential health of a family or any of its members by assessing individual and family health needs and strengths, identifying problems influencing the health care of the family as a whole as well as those influencing individual members, and utilising family resources.
Patient Environment in the hospital: Patients unit Students will learn how that can provide the comfort and safety of both patients and medical staff at a health facility.
4 Review of Human Growth and Development Growth is defined as an irreversible steady increase in size in the context of childhood development, and development is defined as growth in psychomotor capacity. Both processes are heavily influenced by genetic, dietary, and environmental variables.
Nursing – Concept, Meaning, Definitions, Scope, and Functions Nursing is a discipline of healthcare that focuses on providing care for individuals, families, and communities who are ill or in need of assistance on their road to recovery.
Care of Patients with Respiratory Problems/Dyspnea Students will learn about how to take care of patients who have respiratory problems/Dyspnea.
5 Hospital Admission and Discharge Nurses learn about how to give comprehensive care to patients during the admission process, establishing the foundation for how patients will respond to and evaluate the duration of their stay.
Introduction to Computers and Disk Operating Systems Students will learn about a disc operating system, or DOS, which is a type of operating system that operates from a disc drive. The phrase can also refer to a type of disc operating system, most often MS-DOS, an abbreviation for Microsoft DOS.
6 Nursing Management of Patients with Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Students will study identifying the patient’s problems and fears, offering accurate information, and educating the patient about their disease and how to handle it.
Nursing Administration & Ward Management Students will learn how to analyse the ward’s patients’ requirements and develop a nursing care plan for all patients in consultation with the ward sister.

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