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Getting Over You Book

Getting Over You Book

the beginning of the end

the first time we met
it was a wednesday afternoon
i can’t remember
the rest of the details
because i never thought
you would become
an important person to me

if we had met differently
at a different place
at a different time would we had
stood a chance?
two lonely souls have a way of
we knew we weren’t compatible but we held on
clinging onto each other

so that we weren’t alone
when we first met i had no idea that
i would become so attached
i was stupid
i gave my heart who didn’t want it
to someone
now i’m stuck
with someone who doesn’t want me and me

not wanting anyone else
it was in the process that i realized
of loving you
I’ve lost myself

the idea of things having a chance to work out always makes me excited but it is also what kills me at the same time. you start to build up expectations and start to overthink when things don’t go according to plan. you start predicting the fall, start finding flaws in yourself, and then destroy the relationship before the relationship destroys you. it’s a whole internal torture, and the only person doing it to you is yourself.

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