Ethics and Values Book For Semester 1 PDF

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Ethics and Values Book

Ethics and Values Book For Semester 1

Ethics refers to the guidelines for conduct, that address questions of morality. Value provides the principles and ideals upon which judgment is made of what is more important. Ethics and values tell us how to conduct ourselves in our daily lives. Their importance lies in their guiding abilities that allow people to do the right thing at the right time. Odisha Government Education Department has added a new subject of Ethics and Values to Undergraduate (UG).

Odisha State Higher Education Council has prepared a complete syllabus for the Introduction of the new Subject Ethics and Values. The Ethics and Values Book syllabus has been divided into 6 units and each semester will have one unit in the three-year UG programme.

Ethics and Values Book Semester-1

Moral education, which imbibes ethics and values in students, influences the social thinking of the individual and makes him/her distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Moral education is a basic need for modem times where one is fast witnessing a degeneration of moral values. Moral education is important as it teaches diversity, tolerance, mutual respect and pluralistic values.

Moral values are values that express ideas about the good life. As such, concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education. Science young people readily and unconsciously assimilate all types of influences, good or bad, society must provide them with type of education that will make them acquire sound ethical and moral principles, and also develop appropriate attitudes and values that will help them to make good choices and decisions in their adulthood.

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