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EPF Return Form 6A

EPF Return Form 3A/6A

EPF Form 6A is a return form used by employers to provide details of the employees’ contributions to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). The EPF is a social security scheme in India that aims to provide financial security and retirement benefits to eligible employees.

Consolidated Annual Contribution Statement: This form provides the annual contributions of each member of the establishment. A vital form for compiling the annual Provident Fund statement of a subscriber. To be submitted by 30th April.

EPF Return Form 6A (Required Details)

  1. Name & Address of the Establishment
  2. Statutory rate of contribution
  3. Code No. of the Establishment
  4. No. of members voluntarily contributing at a higher rate
  5. Signature of Employer
  6. Sl. No.
  7. Account No
  8. Name of member
  9. Wages, retaining allowance (if any) & DA including cash value of food concession paid during the currency period.
  10. Amount of worker’s contributions deducted from the wages EPF
  11. Refund of Advance
  12. Rate of higher voluntary contribution (if any)
  13. Remarks

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