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Economic Survey 2024
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Economic Survey 2024

The Economic Survey is a thorough annual study that provides insights into the prospects of the Indian economy by analyzing its performance during the previous year. The Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) usually presents it before the Union Budget, giving the government’s financial plans a crucial background.

On January 31, There Won’t Be An Economic Survey?

Finance Minister Sitharaman will unveil an interim budget, not a final budget, on February 1, 2024. As a result, on January 31, 2024, there won’t be an Economic Survey presented in India; nonetheless, a substitute report will be made available.

The absence of an economic survey

India will hold elections in 2024. Given the possibility of a change in government following the elections, presenting the regular Economic Survey—a document that analyzes the performance of the previous year and the outlook for the future—could become politicized. This can interfere with the regular Budget process’s ability to run smoothly, which usually comes after the survey presentation.

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