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Earned Leave Form

Earned Leave Form for Govt. Employees

An earned leave form, also known as a leave application form or vacation request form, is used by employees to formally request time off from work for personal reasons, such as vacation, illness, or other personal commitments.

How to Fill Leave Application Form

  • Start by filling out your personal information at the top of the form. This typically includes your name, employee ID or number, department, position, and contact information.
  • Specify the type of leave you are requesting (e.g., earned leave, sick leave, annual leave, etc.).
  • Enter the dates you are requesting off for your leave. Include the start date and end date of your leave period. If it’s a single day leave, only mention the start date.
  • Provide a brief explanation or reason for your leave. For example, if you’re taking a vacation, state “personal vacation,” or if you’re sick, state “medical illness.”
  • After filling out the form, it needs to be forwarded to your supervisor or manager for approval. They will review your request, verify the leave balance, and approve or deny the request accordingly. The supervisor may also indicate their approval by signing and dating the form.

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