Don’t Fall For Your Best Friend Logan Chance PDF

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Don't Fall For Your Best Friend Logan Chance

Don’t Fall For Your Best Friend Logan Chance

I’ve always lived by one major rule, don’t fall for your best friend, and this is one rule I can’t break.

I’m supposed to write an article about a topic so scandalous, I can’t even say it. Starts with B, followed by DSM.

I know nothing about the lifestyle, so I’m committed to learning the ropes—pun intended.
When my best guy friend offers his help, I happily accept.

Paxton Atwood might be ridiculously handsome, but we’re platonic and there will be rules to follow.
#1 No kissing.
#2 Keep our undies on
#3 No actual boinking!

We start out easy, but exploring this new world is hard. The public play ends with me getting shocked in the local restaurant by the machinery, and our foray into restraints ends with Paxton in the emergency room.

We try a few other scenarios but they all end in disaster. Until I accidentally set my place on fire, and move in with Paxton.
Now we’re sharing one bed, and forced to spend time alone together, perfecting our “scenes.”

What do they say about rules? They’re made to be broken, and once we break one rule…we break them all.
But how do I walk away from him once this assignment is over?

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