Chandigarh Voter List 2024 PDF

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Chandigarh Voter List
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Chandigarh Voter List 2024

Downloading the voter list for Chandigarh involves a few steps, typically through the official website of the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer of Chandigarh.

How to Download the Chandigarh Voter List

Step 1:- Open your web browser and go to the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Chandigarh. The URL is often

Step 2:- On the homepage, look for a link or tab labeled “Electoral Roll” or “Voter List”. This is typically found in the main menu or under a related section such as “For Voters” or directly click on Final Electoral Roll List

Step 3:- Within the Electoral Roll section, you might find options to select the year and type of voter list you are interested in (e.g., draft roll, final roll). Choose the appropriate option.

Step 4:- You will need to select your Assembly Constituency. Chandigarh, being a single district with one parliamentary constituency, might have its areas divided into different sections or polling stations. Select the specific area or polling station if required.

Chandigarh Voter List
Chandigarh Voter List

Step 4:- Once you have selected your constituency, you will see options to download the voter list. This might be available in PDF format. Click on the download link.

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