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Century Lookbook 2024

Century Lookbook with Pictures

The seventh edition of the LookBook is here. With better designs, richer colours, deeper textures, and an all-new theme. We believe there’s an artist in all of us, and with this new LookBook, we are bringing out the artist in you. Century Lookbook is a collection of laminates to turn your interior into a canvas for your imagination.

Century Laminates with Virokill has highly activated and energized nanoparticles that physically ruptures and kill microbes and thereby keep surfaces safe and hygienic.

Century Lookbook 2024

Century Laminates uses a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion. Century Laminates’ exotic range of decorative laminates is characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates available in the market today. Century Laminates is a product from the house of CenturyPly.

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